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You just completed your standardized exams. Now what?

Congratulations! The next step is to build an application that presents you in the strongest way possible.

A Competitive track-record/test score does not guarantee your acceptance to top schools.

About 50% of applicants possessing competitive test scores or extensive background are rejected because they fail to convey who they are in a compelling, clear fashion. Admission to schools in North American and Europe is a multifaceted process that poses challenges even to local candidates, and when it comes to international applicants, the process is even more competitive. With over 12 years’ experience in admission consultancy, Yeda Plus has the expertise and resources to make your application process a positive experience that will eventually justify the effort.

International Admissions 101

The most important thing to know about the admission process is that it’s holistic: the admission committee considers your ability, experience, promise, interests, personality and leadership skills to understand who you really are.  A series of essay-type documents is used for this purpose: academic Statement of Purpose and/or Personal Statement; Recommendation Letters; Resume/CV (mostly graduate-level applications); and in some cases, 15-20 pages of original writing. These documents, all of which are equally as important as your test scores, give the committee an idea of you are and what you care about.

The committee compares your essays with your test scores to pinpoint inconsistencies (for instance, if the Writing part of your standardized exam does not match the skills you demonstrate in your essays). Afterwards, the committee reads all documents in detail to evaluate what you could contribute to the school. Universities seek certain traits in particular: leadership skills; substantial, meaningful experience; intellectual depth and vitality; internationalism; and commitment to social betterment. Since the committee evaluates a huge amount of applications, limited time is given to each essay.

How we can help You

At Yeda Plus, we help you to broadcast your message in the clearest, most concise way possible so that a tired (possibly bitter) admission officer does not face the task of deciphering what you’re writing about – and instead can focus on who you are.

Yeda Plus is well-versed in the admission process to all programs: undergraduate; graduate (including Ph.D.); fellowship proposals; and Fulbright proposals. We have a team of Coaches from diverse backgrounds, all of whom are native speaks and possess a proven track-record in professional impact writing. After evaluating your profile in a personal brainstorming session, we match you with the ideal Coach for your needs. From that point on, you have a direct contact person who provides you with extensive editing for your essays and in-depth feedback on your application. Regardless of where you are in the process – we can help!

To schedule a free-of-charge evaluation meeting, call Yeda Plus today at 03-6243107, or leave us your details on the website.

What makes us Different

Many admission consultants use the power in their hands to maximize profit at the expense of the applicant; this case is felt most strongly in SAT MBA admissions. At Yeda Plus, we offer some of the most efficient packages in Israel. At the same time, we maintain the most competitive standards in the market (we would be happy to supply you with examples). Deeply committed to our clients, we give each essay ample attention – two readers, your Coach and a Head Coach, go through every document to ensure zero mistakes and top-notch, polished content.

“Do I need to be in Israel to receive your help?”

Not necessarily: the process can be done remotely via emails/Skype conversations.

“Can you assist with securing Financial Aid?”

While most Financial Aid is provided by the school itself, there are additional scholarships available according to ethnicity, gender, leadership and merit. We can help you spot these opportunities.

“The school wants to schedule a personal Interview with me. Can you help?”

Definitely. Yeda Plus’s Director Andrea Lang-Raz has vast experience in interview preparation. Our customized interview-prep meetings will help you understand what to say and what not to say.

“Do I need to wait for my test scores to begin work on my application?”

Not necessarily. Your grades can always improve, while your background remains the same. Many applicants work on their application at the same time as they improve their test scores. Don’t wait: preparing your essay takes time, in most cases at least two to three months.

“My deadline is less than a month away. Now what?”

Call us for an emergency evaluation meeting, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

“I’ve decided to apply in a year from now, so I have lots of time. Should I wait?”

To use your time wisely, it is important that you become aware of restrictions and requirements well in advance. In many cases, after receiving feedback from us about your profile’s weaknesses/strengths, you will be able to attend to problematic areas to drastically improve your application.

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  • You just completed your standardized exams. Now what? Congratulations! The next step is to build an application that presents you in the strongest way possible. A Competitive track-record/test score does not guarantee your acceptance to top schools. About 50% of
    Applications | MBA consulting

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