• Team Member

    Sapir Yahalom

    AIS Honduras
    Undergraduate Adviser
  • Team Member

    Eldad Feigl

    B.Sc, MBA, LLB
    Co-Owner / Business Development
  • Team Member

    Shirly Bluvstein Levy

    M.A. Social Psycology, Tel Aviv University
    Vice President
  • Team Member


    Head Teacher
  • Team Member

    Andrea Lang Raz

    M.A. Education, Columbia University
    Co-Owner / Director
  • Team Member

    Offir Goldstein

    B.Sc Hebrew University; GMAT 98th percentile
    Academic Director / Head Teacher
  • Team Member

    Linda Bismuth

    B.A. Eastman School of Music
    Head Teacher / TOEFL
  • Team Member

    Ran Shahar

    B.Architecture, The Cooper Union
    Graduate Adviser / Application Coach
YedaPlus conducts quality preparatory courses for acceptance tests such as: GMAT , GRE , TOEFL , SAT , etc.

Yeda Plus is your way to acceptance from the world's best universities. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, NYU, UCLA, University of Chicago, Carnegie Hotel, Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University, and Interdisciplinary Center are just some of the universities to which our students were accepted last year ..


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  • The college admissions process is very laborious and confusing but it is also very exciting. Remember to take a deep breath at every step, believe in yourself, be as organized as possible and have some fun learning about yourself along the
    Yonah Benstein
  • The application process is long and challenging, but trust the admissions process, stay positive, and learn about yourself on the way. I strongly advise using Yeda Plus's services in preparing your application. Andrea is very knowledgeable, talented, and professional.
    Galit lutkin
  • For two years the staff of YedaPlus carefully guided me step by step in the process of applying to top Business Schools. Offir pushed me to the edge of my abilities in the GMAT course, Ricardo challenged my essays and
    Stern School Of Business- NYU
    Ohad Uliel
  •  it was such a pleasure working with you and your team (and I know because I worked with others before working with you). You guys know what you are doing and your advice is priceless!   I am so happy
    Amir Kolton
  • Hi Andrea and Ella,   I just got my F-1 visa approved and planning to depart within 2 weeks. I want to use this opportunity to thank you for all the help and hard work which played crucial role in
    Guy Pavlov
    Guy Pavlov
  • Thank you very much!!!! The learning atmosphere and the great teachers both, are qualities you can't take from them. Teachers will dedicate their precious time and experience in order for you to succeed! From the front girls at the from
    Yoav Poni accepted to Seton Hall, NYU, New School, Rutgers, and Penn State
    Yoav Poni
  • התקבלו ל- HULT Business School, MBA
    איציק ואיילת קליפה
  • “Good evening, I don't know if you remember me but I came from France for 10 days at Yeda Plus for SAT practice. I got accepted Early decision 2 to New York University to study Business and Finance. Thank you for
    Jeremy Teboul
  • “Hi! I wanted to let you know that I got admitted to UBC!!! Thank you for everything! I know it took more time to work on the application than you expected, so thanks for the effort. Now we need to
    University of British Columbia
    Adi Oz
  • Omer Lachman was accepted for first degree studies at Brandeis University and Boston University
    Omer Lachman - B.A. Brandeis University , Boston University
    Omer Lachman
  • .Asaf Geva was accepted for his first degree at University of Illinois
    Asaf Geva - B.A. at University of Illinois
    Asaf Geva
  • Ben Limonchik was accepted to Stanford University for his B.A. studies.
    B.A. - Stanford University
    Ben Limonchik
  • Dana Perlstein was accepted for B.Sc. studies at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University
    B.Sc. - NYU Poly
    Dana Perlstein
  • Gali Blay was accepted for an M.A. at Design Academy Eindhoven and Royal College of Art, London.
    M.A. in Design - Design Academy Eindhoven & Royal College of Art
    Gali Blay
  • Nadav Yunik was accepted for B.A. studies at University of Colorado and University of Michigan
    B.A. - University of Colorado & University of Michigan
    Nadav Yunik
  • Tomer Hadassi was accepted for B.A. studies at New York University - Stern School of Business.
    B.A. - NYU Stern School of Business
    Tomer Hadassi
  • Stav Shwarts was accepted for an MBA at China Europe International Business School
    MBA - China Europe International Business School
    Stav Shwarts
  • Nitzan Koren was accepted for a Bachelor of Architecture at Pratt Institute
    Bachelor of Architecture - Pratt Institute
    Nitzan Koren
  • Maya Lusky was accepted for a B.F.A. at Parsons, School of Visual Arts, and University of the Arts London
    B.F.A. - Parsons, School of Visual Arts, University of the Arts London
    Maya Lusky
  • Roy Kirshon was accepted for an MBA at Duke University
    MBA - Duke University
    Roy Kirshon
  • Yotam Mosinzon was accepted for a B.A. at the University of Michigan and Georgia Institute of Technology
    BA - University of Michigan, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Yotam Mosinzon
News & Updates
  • GRE Biochemistry
    GRE Biochemistry preparation course opens every two months! Midweek 18:00-22:00. Call now to register! Exam dates- Apr, Sep, Oct  
  • GRE Full
    GRE Full preparation course opens every month! Midweek 18:00-22:00, Friday 09:00-15:00. Call now to register! Exam frequency - Every two weeks
  • SAT
    SAT preparation course opens every month! Midweek 17:30-21:30 Friday 09:00-14:00. Call now to register! Exam dates- Jan, May, Jun, Oct, Nov, Dec  
  • GMAT Verbal
    GMAT Verbal preparation course opens every month! Fridays 12:00-15:00. Call now to register! Exam frequency - Twice a week  
  • GMAT Math
    GMAT Math preparation course opens every month! Friday 09:00-12:00. Call now to register! Exam frequency - Twice a week  
  • GMAT Intensive
    GMAT Intensive preparation course opens every month! Midweek 17:30-22:00. Call now to register! Exam frequency - Twice a week
    Toefl preparation course opens every month! Midweek 17:30-21:30 Friday 09:00-12:00. Call now to register! Exam frequency - Every week  


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