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The SAT is a standardized test, widely used for college admissions in the United States, and also here, in Israel. Yeda Plus offers high quality prep courses for the SAT test. with over 12 years’ experience. Here are some things you should know about the SAT test.

SAT Exam Structure

The revised exam (as of May 2016) is comprised of three parts: a Reading Test; Language Arts and Writing; and Math. Each part is scored on a scale of 200-800 points. The SAT evaluates prospective college students’ ability to analyze, deduce and reason in an academic level – both verbally and quantitatively. At the end of the exam there is an optional essay assignment.

You can learn more about the exam on the College Board website.

SAT course @ Yeda Plus

Join over 300 satisfied students every year who took the SAT course at Yeda Plus.  Our courses run twice a week (evenings) and Friday mornings. Courses open every month in Ramat-Gan (Bursa) and Haifa. The 100+ hour course provides students with in-depth preparation: vocabulary and grammar boosting; development of sound analytical skills; improvement of reading and writing abilities; and development of math skills and knowledge. During the course students improve their test-taking skills, such as time-management, guessing and skimming.

With over 12 years’ experience teaching for the SAT, Yeda Plus specializes in teaching both Israeli and international applicants for the test. Every student receives books and ample practice material.

At Yeda Plus, you can use your Pikadon funds to pay for the SAT course!

Undergraduate Admissions 101

The SAT is a very important factor in your admission to US schools; nonetheless, it is not the only consideration. Your personal background, including experience, leadership, community involvement and high-school grades, are all key in determining whether you’re in or out. The admission committee evaluates your application holistically (application essays, SAT scores, interview, high-school grades and recommendations) to determine whether you would suit the school’s mission and student body. Schools prefer applicants possessing a track-record that demonstrates commitment to learning and betterment of society. Yeda Plus offers all its student free-of-charge Application Skills workshops on a monthly basis.

See our Application page to learn more about the application process.

“What if I don’t get my desired grade?”

The SAT is a challenging exam for both Israelis and Americans, so preparing for it may take some time. Do not worry – all students at Yeda Plus can repeat the course for a full year free of charge. Unlike other schools, we don’t believe in just promising that “you’ll have your money back if you don’t get the grade you need,” since this depends largely on your commitment. Instead, we give you all the time and resources you need to get there.

“I want to apply to US schools this upcoming year. When should I start my SAT course?”

You can do anything and within every time-frame – but the question is how effectively. We recommend at least six months in advance; this will allow you to prepare most effectively and take the test several times (most students take the test at least twice).

“I want to study in Israel. Can I use the SAT?”

Schools in Israel accept the SAT, TOEFL in lieu of the Psychometric exam (exceptions are Hebrew University and all med programs). Taking the GMAT ,SAT affords you the option of applying to schools in the US and Israel.

English psychometric test – Preparation Course

“I have test anxiety. Can you help?”

Many of our students suffer from this problem. The best remedy is proper preparation – practice makes perfect! Additionally, our SAT teachers can help you work through you problems to ensure that your anxiety interferes as little as possible with your performance.

“I have a disability, and am eligible for accommodations such as extra time. How do I claim these?”

College Board, which runs the SAT exam, takes a few months to process such requests. If you have any disability, it is imperative that you take the test with accommodations so your score doesn’t suffer. We’d be happy to help you through the process.

“I have more questions about SAT exam and prep course!”

Feel free to call us at 03-6243107 to schedule a free orientation meeting with our undergraduate adviser.

SATRamat GanEvery monthFridays9:00-14:00January, May, June, October, November, December
SATRamat GanEvery monthMidweek17:30-21:30January, May, June, October, November, December
SATHaifaEvery 2 monthsFridays9:00-14:00January, May, June, October, November, December
  • .Asaf Geva was accepted for his first degree at University of Illinois
    Asaf Geva - B.A. at University of Illinois
    Asaf Geva
  • Ben Limonchik was accepted to Stanford University for his B.A. studies.
    B.A. - Stanford University
    Ben Limonchik
  • Dana Perlstein was accepted for B.Sc. studies at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University
    B.Sc. - NYU Poly
    Dana Perlstein
  • Nadav Yunik was accepted for B.A. studies at University of Colorado and University of Michigan
    B.A. - University of Colorado & University of Michigan
    Nadav Yunik
  • Tomer Hadassi was accepted for B.A. studies at New York University - Stern School of Business.
    B.A. - NYU Stern School of Business
    Tomer Hadassi
  • Nitzan Koren was accepted for a Bachelor of Architecture at Pratt Institute
    Bachelor of Architecture - Pratt Institute
    Nitzan Koren
  • Maya Lusky was accepted for a B.F.A. at Parsons, School of Visual Arts, and University of the Arts London
    B.F.A. - Parsons, School of Visual Arts, University of the Arts London
    Maya Lusky
  • Yotam Mosinzon was accepted for a B.A. at the University of Michigan and Georgia Institute of Technology
    BA - University of Michigan, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Yotam Mosinzon
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