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GRE Biochemistry

Information about the course:

Biochemistry GRE test is the test required as a condition of four-year medical program at Tel Aviv University and Bar Ilan University (branch Safed). The test consists of a large wishes default English subjects biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology and genetics. To pass the test, has to demonstrate problem-solving skills and extensive knowledge of the test.

The test consists of 180 questions and is the editor of 170 minutes. There are three parts to the test: multiple choice questions, questions, questions about concepts and scientific texts. In this test, get points for correct answers but down points for wrong answers.

Our center prepares candidates for programs in medicine and graduate of elite universities in the United States, Canada and Europe, and in recent years towards the registration process for programs in medicine in Israel. Many years of experience of knowledge Flus- MBA Center in preparation for this test led us to be the most professional center in the country. We have many simulation tests and reconstructions of many tests in recent years as well as material wealth, beyond what exists centers competitors recently opened due to the high demand for these programs. our teachers are first class! beyond their experts in science education, they have learned over the years to test and develop learning strategies and solutions. we continue to review at any time to study the test and being made in how we manage to crack the method of solving this test and deliver the tools our students. this test is the most difficult entry barrier you have to deal with.

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